Merchant Advance program turns your future cash flows into immediate cash that you can use for your business right away, any way you wish and at the time you need it. The program is simple, flexible and tailored specifically to your business needs by converting your future credit and debit card receivables.



To fund your short-term needs. Generally short-term debt takes less than a year to pay back.
Example of short term needs
-    Paying suppliers
-    Increasing inventory
-    Funding payroll
-    Managing expenses and cash flow



Funding for your long-term assets such as equipment, machinery, renovate your restaurant, building new kitchen or expanding a terrace. A long-term solution can be structured to meet your business needs and can take between one to three years to repay.



When you need to open a new location, buying machinery, vehicles and building or renovate your facility, a term loan may be a solution you need. A term-loan is repaid over a longer period of time through a regular payment schedule, allowing you to free up your cash for short-term purchases and day-to-day business operations.