3A Finance was started by a team of entrepreneurs and finance professionals committed to providing small business owners an alternative financing solution. 


We’re 100% focused on small business. We have fast and simple, flexible small business loans that are always there when you need them.

Retail                                                               Hotels/Motels                                                                               Variety Stores
Restaurant and Hospitalities                          Doctors/denstists/Chirapractors                                                  Optical Goods Store
Beauty and Spa                                               Franchises                                                                                    Woman's Clothes
Automotive repair, parking                             Landscaping                                                                                 Shoes Store
Grocery store                                                 Manufacturing companies                                                            Tobbaco Stores, etc...
Flower shop                                                   Transportation                                                                              Carpets and Rugs

Power Laundries                                           Home Furniture, Furnishings, And Equipaments Stores               

Holding  and others Investiments offices      Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Procesing Services